MICHIGAN COUNCIL OF SOCIAL SERVICE WORKERS (activity suspended as of 2011 until further notice)

Michigan Council of Social Service Workers (MCSSW) was formed in 1970 as an official affiliate of MCSSA (Michigan County Social Services Association). MCSSA membership consists of all Department of Human Service workers, specialists, and their supervisors throughout the state of Michigan.

The purpose of the Michigan Council of Social Service Workers is to advocate on behalf of at-risk families and individuals in Michigan through multi-sector policy change, coalition building, collaborative program demonstrations and community-wide dissemination of information about local and statewide needs of at-risk families and individuals.

The Michigan Council of Social Service Workers (MCSSW) consists of all county DHS services and eligibility workers plus their supervisors, up to but excluding, deputy directors and directors, and volunteer services coordinators. Anyone in these positions can serve on a committee. MCSSW’s objective is to focus specifically on the effectiveness of program and service delivery. Because of daily contact and familiarity with program functioning, first-line workers are able to provide a unique perspective on client needs. As a member or resource person of an MCSSW committee, you have the opportunity to share knowledge with other workers, administrators, and legislators.

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There are thirty-five (35) medical care facilities (MCFs) in Michigan that serve citizens in all of Michigan's 83 counties, regardless of ability to pay for care. Medical care facilities are county-owned facilities that serve the indigent on a first-come first-served basis, as mandated by law, and are therefore the safety net for vulnerable citizens who have no means to pay for their nursing home care. Additionally, MCFs provide placement for hard to place high-needs citizens, who may be rejected by other nursing homes.

Each facility is individual in terms of its size, appearance and specific services, resulting from its focus on meeting the needs of its community. Each facility has its own mix of programs, services and activities tailored to the needs of its residents to provide the greatest possible quality of life. The administrator and staff of each facility seek to create a sparkling clean, attractive, home-like environment, with choices of activities that will appeal to individual interests and will contribute to each person’s sense of well-being. Medical care facilities are consistently ranked higher than other nursing homes for the quality of care that is provided and the degree of satisfaction of residents and their families.

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